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Office 365/Azure logs to USM Appliance


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We are looking at pushing all of our Office 365 logs to our USM Appliance and I can't find any information on how to do this. Of course there is an AlienApp in USM Anywhere but we have an in-house appliance and would like to keep it that way.

I'm wondering if others have achieved this and how they went about it. I'm thinking we would have to set up another server that receives the logs from Azure and then sends them off to the Alienvault Appliance but this does sound a bit over-engineered.


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    @varex-sean and @aimee.harvey USM Anywhere and USM Appliance are two different products with different code bases and architectures. The main method to access this data is via the O365 API, which USM Appliance does not support currently and is a larger scope of work vs. Anywhere which was built from the ground up to utilize the App construct and to support API integrations. I'm not aware of any AlienVault user or partner that has built this integration custom, but I'll touch base with you all if I come across it.


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