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Exported reports are sent as user.


New Life Form
Hi, I'm using USM (newest version), and smtp relay, where I should authenticate with username and password created just for AV. 
When I schedule report, I would like to automatically send it to some people. Sending always fail. Report is always sent from e-mail of person who created a schedule. 
Alarm notifications are sent correctly, because there is textfield called FROM*. Why isn't this textfield placed in report schedule (and report export) to? Or some central setting, where I can specify FROM email for whole system?

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    Unfortunately, there is not easy way to modify how the system generates the envelope-from envelope or from user on emails, as there are numerous different methods of generating these emails that are "hard-coded" in the system, so to speak. Changes would require modifying a number of system files which would likely be overwritten with updates.

    There was an idea put forward previously for designating a global from user, but I am unsure what the current status of this idea is. I have forwarded this post as a sort of plus one for that idea.


  • Where is the option to schedule reports?  I am logged into USM and don't an option to schedule a report. I am having to download the report manually.  
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