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New Life Form
Hi guys,

I am havin som troubles enabling SNMP traps. When I list the open ports I only see the UDP/161 open, not the 162 for traps. I  don't know if there is a aditional configuration besides this (https://www.alienvault.com/documentation/usm-appliance/kb/2016/01/snmp-configuration-v52.htm).


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  • camandhuercue,

    It sounds like you are running AlienVault OSSIM or USM appliance

    There was an issue in a previous version in which, in specific scenarios, trapd was not properly updated, and ended up being removed.Please rung the following command to check:

    dpkg -l | grep snmp

    If you do not see a package snmptrapd with status "ii" listed then instyall that package using apt and reconfig:

    apt-get install snmptrapd && ossim-reconfig -c -v -d

    This should resolve the issue.
  • Thst's a problem.
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