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AlienVault USM Central v1.3 Release Notes


AlienVault Employee
edited December 2018 in AlienVault USM Central > Release Notes
As of Thursday, May 10th, 2018, USM Central v1.3 is available for all customers. In addition to numerous defect fixes, we've rolled out some exciting new functionality. Users now have the ability to update alarm status and manage alarm labels in USM Central. Any changes made to an alarm will be automatically synced to the associated USM Anywhere deployment. We're hoping this will dramatically streamline alarm management workflows.

The core mechanics of the new label functionality are:

• Labels created in USM Central can only be edited or modified in USM Central and not in USM Anywhere.
• Labels created in USM Central can be applied to alarms both in USM Central and any connected USM Anywhere deployments.
• Labels that are created in USM Anywhere are fixed to their own individual deployments, and can’t be edited or applied to alarms in USM Central.
• If you would like to edit or manage an existing USM Anywhere label in USM Central, you will need to recreate the label in USM Central. Once the label has been recreated in USM Central, USM Central will assume control of all of the existing alarms in USM Anywhere which previously used the label, and the assigning and editing of those alarms will be exclusively controlled from the USM Central instance.
• If an identically named label exists in both USM Anywhere and USM Central when they are initially connected, USM Central will assume management of the label. From this point forward, the label can only be edited in USM Central.

While this has the potential to greatly simplify alarm organization in both USM Central and USM Anywhere, consideration should be given to the label creation and naming of labels in USM Central. For example, if you have similar types of labels across your USM Anywhere deployments that you would prefer to manage at a more “global” level in USM Central, it would be best to make sure they all share the same name before creating a label of that name in USM Central to transition the management of said labels in USM Central. Conversely, if there are situations where deployments of USM Anywhere have alarm labels that need to be available for editing in those specific deployments, independent of USM Central, it may be useful to make sure there is no incidental overlap with alarms you create in USM Central.

Finally, please note that any changes made to alarms forwarded from a USM Appliance deployment will not sync to the Appliance. We are hoping to implement this feature in an upcoming USM Appliance release.

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