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Update: Version 5.6 has been pulled from production



  • Когда будет исправлена проблема с DB?
  • When will the problem with DB be fixed?
  • @hitman To clarify, the database migration will be available to run as a seperate procedure after the v5.6.1 update is complete. @TonyHock you do not need to "scrap" it. You will be able to update from v5.6 to v5.6.1. Sorry for the delay in responding to you. 
  • Well.. Just commented on another thread (https://www.alienvault.com/forums/discussion/comment/26636/#Comment_26636) but given that two weeks have passed since the announcement that 5.6.1 will be available next week, and the download is STILL giving out the 5.6.0 .iso (based on the md5) - have to say that I'm not terribly hopeful that 5.6.1 will land next week.  Hmm.
  • The delays in sorting 5.6/5.6.1 are very concerning to say the least - given the collective nervousness about AnyWhere over Appliance, and the as-yet-unknown new regime, post AT&T acquisition, I'm very nervous about over-committing to Alienvault...
  • I have been an OSSIM user since before the iso images, since the times when you installed it using individual packages before becoming an AlienVault USM Appliance customer (server, logger, nine sensors, considerable customization). I know some of the creators from times before they created OSSIM.

    During the years, AlienVault has separated steadily from its roots. Despite that, I have been loyal. Now, for the first time, I feel my resolve weaker. Now I'm considering my options. Not for the immediate future, our lockin is very significant. But the writing is on the wall.

    Wake up!
  • I find it quite interesting that costs continue to rise for AlienVault, while the quality control and support continue on a downward trend...
  • Almost 3 month without possibility to investigate alarms. This is very inconvenient, and communications from AlienVault is disappointing. I hope there will be a "lesson learned" phase regarding this issue, you cannot test your product on your clients, there must be a QA, regression and other testing BEFORE you hit production. 

  • Update, 10/04:
    The Appliance Team has decided to further delay the release of v5.6.1 to perform additional benchmarking and performance tests. We expect to have an updated timeline for the release early next week. 

    now would be a good time, skylar...
  • "early next week" is well and truly over and the week soon to be gone with it. We would all love an update. 
  • its mid of month and till now no updates.
  • Is there any updates on this issue ? 
  • Looks like they've adopted AT&T's customer support...
  • Funny how Anywhere already has had 11 new releases this year, yet us USM users have received, what it feels like -1 update. 5.6 as of right now broke more than it fixed.
  • edited October 2018
    @eiaccb / @HISAndy / @MM - We are committed to maintaining the Appliance for years to come. We have not announced EOL for the platform and have a 3-year support commitment after that announcement. We have a full team working on the product but have simply hit significant snags attempting to re-architect the SIEM database over the past 10 months. Moving forward, my expectation is to release smaller updates every 2-3 months.

    @Daniil - You are completely justified to be upset with the defects introduced in v5.6. We are currently re-architecting our QA processes and are trying desperately to avoid that same mistake with v5.6.1.

    @micsnare / @tracy.danger / @sibrahim / @AngeloStizz / @Dekryptid - I apologize for the delay. I wanted to come back to the forums with good news, but should have posted a testing progress update in the interim.

  • Hi, is there any estimated date for v.5.6.1 release?
  • Hey @SkylarTalley, when will there be an interim testing progress update? It's been nearly two weeks since the last.
  • Just got this sent via email....

    • If you are on v5.5.x
      or earlier versions of USM Appliance
      - We will release
      v5.6.5 during the week of November 5th. This release will patch
      vulnerabilities and update vulnerability scanning to resolve defects, and
      will not include the functional updates that were previously part of v5.6.
      Please note that the subsequent release, v5.6.6 described below is a
      forked release and does not apply to you. In December, we will release
      v5.7 to all customers.

    • If you are on v5.6
      of USM Appliance
      - We will release v5.6.6 during the week
      of November 12th. This release will patch vulnerabilities, update
      vulnerability scanning to resolve defects, and fix a bug that prevents
      email actions from working correctly. Please note that the preceding
      v5.6.5 release, planned for the week of November 5th, is a forked release
      and does not apply to you. In December, we will release v5.7 to all


    remember, remember the 5th of november....

    coincidence? ;)
  • Has anyone else seen the email above? I just scrubbed my email boxes and the AIO notification feeds and I do not see anything like it. 
  • Message finally came - looks like its region/time based. 
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