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USM Anywhere 2018-11-21 Update


New Life Form
We've updated USM Anywhere with the improvements and defect fixes listed below. The USM Anywhere service and Sensors are updated automatically so you do not need to take any additional actions for the update to take effect.


Certificate upload for TLS-Encrypted Syslog: In addition to the digital certificate provided through USM Anywhere, customers can now upload their own server certificate and CA certificate to enable the SSL connection for TLS-encrypted syslog transport. Certificates can be uploaded from a new Settings tab in the Syslog App configuration page located at Data Sources/Integrations/Sensor Apps. In addition, a new Actions tab has been added to the Syslog App configuration, allowing customers that use the AlienVault TLS Certificate to regenerate that certificate on demand.

Select Defects

ATLAS-17012 Asset Scan overwrites Asset Type value entered by the user

Threat Intelligence

New Plugins
AR-2346 VMware VRealize
AR-2391 Ruckus Virtual SmartZone

AR-2387 Barracuda NextGen Firewall: Plugin update to have Event names
AR-2442 New agent action: Windows running services
AR-2444 New agent action: getFirewallConfig

AR-2367 Correlation Rule: Update G Suite rules
AR-2438 Juniper SRX: Plugin not parsing well the logs

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