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Questions about deploying multiple Sensors


New Life Form
I just started working with AlienVault this week.  I deployed my first Sensor VM (sensor01) in the Azure cloud in a Resource Group in Subscription 1.

During Sensor Setup Wizard, we configured an AD App for Subscription 2 in the Portal.  I then manually edited and uploaded the USM_Anywhere_Azure_Credentials.txt with the correct credentials (TenantID, SubscriptionID, etc).  Sensor01 was able to auto discover all the VMs in Subscription 2. Everything appears fine.

I now want to deploy a second Sensor that lives in Subscription 2.

I went through all the steps to deploy the second Sensor (sensor02), starting with generating a new Sensor Auth Code.  During Setup, I used that exact same credentials.txt file as I did for sensor01.

The sensor02 deployed and is now viewable in USM Anywhere.  Its status is "Ready: The Sensor is connected and configured."  But it does not auto discover any of the VMs in Subscription 2.

Questions:  Can only 1 Sensor connect to an AD App? Do I need to create a unique AD App for each Sensor?

I'm having trouble finding much info about running multiple Sensors.

My ultimate goal is to delete sensor01 in Subscription 1 and use only sensor02 for monitoring assets in Subscription 2.


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Best Answer

  • Answer found. It's possible to connect a second Sensor to an Azure AD App, but each Asset must be associated with only one sensor.

    To move Assets to a different (new) Sensor

    • In USM, go Environment>Assets
    • Select Asset(s) to move
    • Select Actions>Set Sensor
    • Select the new Sensor from Pulldown and save.

    Issue resolved.

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