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problem acces web page


New Life Form
after finish install, and when i need to access a web interface, the we page not viewed.
i can ping the server and ssh, but cannot telnet to port 443.

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  • minoss, 

    USM Anywhere is a cloud service, so you would not have performed an install of the server. If you are referring to the USM Anywhere Sensor, there will be no webUI as it is administered from the server.

    Is it possible you are referring to OSSIM or USM Appliance. can you clarify to which product you are referring?
  • Thnks Kcoe,
    yes i referring OSSIM.
  • minoss,

    If you ssh to the server and jailbreak, can you see the server listening on 443?

    #netstat -tunlp | grep 443

    If so, then I would look to see if there is a routing or firewall related issue.
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