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OSSIM bootable usb


edited December 2018 in OSSIM (open source) > Installation
Hi guys,

I want to install ossim directly to pc instead of virtual machine.
I used rufus to make a bootable image but for some reason its not working.

How can i go about doing this ?

Kind Regards

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  • 1syntra1,

    OSSIM is a standard Install ISO, like Debian or any other Linux Distro, so the standard process for creating a bootable install ISO should work.

    A number of users have said that they have the best luck with install ISOs using Win32DiskImager. Maybe you could give that a shot?

  • I just tried this and did not work for me.
    Guess will go the vm route.

    Thank you for the reply
  • Was using last year's ISO Downloaded the latest ISO and rufus worked with no problems.

    Kind Regards
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