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USM Central v1.7 Release Notes


AlienVault Employee
As of Wednesday, January 2nd, 2018, USM Central v1.7 is now available for all customers. 

With this release, we're excited to announce the ability to assign Analyst and Read-Only users to specific USM Anywhere and USM Appliance deployments that are connected to USM Central. As a Manager of the USM platform, you can now enforce more strict controls around which of your colleagues can interact with end-customer security data and/or be assured your Analysts are focusing only on the security events that are relevant to them. Check out the documentation here for a full breakdown of the new functionality and let us know what you think by shooting us a message in USM Central! 

Additionally, this past fall we implemented an API endpoint that allows you to query asset information for connected USM Anywhere deployments and a new Profile setting that allows you to set an auto-refresh timer for the alarms view.

Finally, we've fixed two high priority defects with this release: 
  1. The consumption information reported in the "Deployments" section of USM Central will now accurately reflect the amount of data that has been consumed by the connected USM Anywhere deployment(s).
  2. The display of Alarm Method, Intent, Strategy, and Recommendation information in USM Central now match the alarm information presented in the respective USM Anywhere Alarm views.

Thanks for reading. Again, you can always contact the USM Central team by clicking the "Mail" icon in-product! We'd love to hear your thoughts on recent releases or anything AlienVault related! 

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