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In USM server deployment alienvault center the sensor show down


New Life Form
edited January 11 in AlienVault USM Appliance > Sensor
Hi dears,

In USM server when i see in deployment alienvault center the sensor show red and down . and im unable to update the patches also and plugin issue also im facing

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  • kashif,

    The issue is likely an IP address configuration issue, or a firewall issue. There is a possibility, however, that a service is not properly starting.

    I recommend contacting support so that we can look into the issue, but you can look at the following:

    1 - If you are using a VPN on the server, make sure that you are adding the sensor by VPN address
    2 - If not using the built in VPN, check to confirm that you can reach the sensor and server on the appropriate ports as defined here: https://www.alienvault.com/documentation/usm-appliance/sys-reqs/firewall-permissions.htm
    3 - Check the server and agent logs in the tree /var/log/alienvault/* to check for sensor errors.
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