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Time range conditions for policies for events generated in server does not works


Hi all,

I am implementing some controls in AlienVault OSSIM and I think I have discovered a bug.

I am controlling the logins during non working hours. For this purpose I have created a directive to unify some logins events and a policy to catch this directive and execute a script as a consequence. The problem is that everything works fine except when I include a time range. The policy does not take into account the time range that I have set up as a condition, the policy execute the script every time that a login directive is catched regardless of the time.

I have noticed that this "problem" affects me only when I configure a policy based on a directive (policies for events generated in server), if I create the same policy directly based on events the time range does works perfectly.

Maybe there is something that I am missing and that is the reason of my problem, but I am trying to be as simple as I can, and there is no an explanation :-/

This is the simple directive I have created:

And this is the policy:

Many thanks in advance!


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  • Ok, I have found the reason. The "problem" (or what I have been missing) is the order of the policies. A previous policy has been blocking it, so reordering them it has been fixed.
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