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HIDS Status showing not deployed


New Life Form
HI There:)

Im new to Alienvault, we have installed HIDS agent successfully long back and they worked fine until a week back, now we are observing that HIDS status is showing not deployed for few systems only, can anybody suggest what caused this issue and how we can resolve it?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Do you mean the agents were deployed on some systems and those systems started showing 'Not Deployed' after a week?
    This looks pretty impossible as they should be showing 'Disconnected' if they cannot maintain communication with the USM server.
    Also, it is important to note that network devices and systems do not have an agent installed on them will show up as 'Not deployed'

    Do ensure you review the HIDS status again under Detection--- Agents
  • Hi Ibukum,

    Yes, we installed agents successfully and they worked fine for more than one month, but recently we observed that those assets showing as not deployed, when we try to install agent on one of the assets we received below error 
    RROR: Duplicated counter
    for 'ASSET name'.

    2017/01/16 05:45:35 remoted: WARN: Duplicate
    error: global: 9, local: 2642, saved global: 18, saved local:1204 and this is showing now as disconnected.

    but rest 5 showing as not deployed only..for these we are getting error as remoted(1213): WARN: Message from  not allowed...

  • We are having the same issue on some of our systems. they show as not deployed in the Assets area and in Deployment status area but active under Detection -> agents.

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