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Next release


Space invader

When do you, AV, plan the next release of OSSIM ?


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    Releases are approved on milestone, not a scheduled date, and in such it is not possible to provide a firm answer on this as any target date may be subject to change. We may also insert security releases if we find an issue which affects customers. 

    This said, historically we have seen major releases on a roughly quarterly schedule. These are announced on the forums on the date of release.


  • Hi,

    I understand but it's quite complicated to plan upgrade campaigns without visiblity. 
  • @ol.batard - I definitely understand your frustration. We'll discuss on our end to see if there are any changes we can make to our process to provide our users with a "heads up". Possibly something like - we're planning to release within the next 7 days. Please prepare as needed. Thanks for the feedback! 
  • Any news ... ?
  • edited January 16
    Hello @ol.batard,

       Please monitor your Message_Center or the AlienVault_Forums for the latest firmware releases. 


    - kratos
  • Hi, 

    It's hard to explain to our cilents that we don't have any visibility on (numerous) bugs correction...

  • Feel your pain, even as an Platinum MSSP Partner we do not get any heads up until it shows up in the message center or in the updates.  I have been fighting this battle for years, finally getting additional details on what is in the updates but communication of the updates still needs a lot of work.  Great product but communication is poor.  
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